Current National Div 2 (7-8 Man) Rankings - 3-game minimum
Homeschool Football
Division 2
(7-8 man)

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Current National Div. 3 (6-man) Teams - 3-game minimum

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     The National Homeschool Football Championship Series works to develop a rankings formula that reflects: the Freeman Ranking & a Coaches' forum; to determine the NHFCS Rankings. The Freeman Ranking has been one of the most exhaustive databases of prep football and it's accuracy has been established far beyond any other national ranking system. Work is underway to investigate the reliability of USA Today's Massey Ratings.
How to Improve Your Team's National Ranking
    Homeschool teams that are currently reporting to * and are on their teams list, are currently under consideration for the NHFCS.
   The Coaches' Forum is a process of communicating circumstances that are not reflected in the accepted statistics that get reported to other databases. This process will be conducted via email or web form. 
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